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Next to the tires, your RV’s upholstery and carpeting are exposed to the most wear and tear. In addition to providing upholstery cleaning services for Wilmington homes and  businesses, Wilmington Carpet Care offers RV interior cleaning services in Wilmington NC. RV upholstery and carpeting are exposed to the elements and to moisture more than the furniture in your home or office. It is best to have them professionally cleaned more often than carpeting in your home or office, at least once or twice per year. Maybe more depending on how much usage your RV gets.

How to Maintain Your RV Interior Cleaning

Like the furniture in your home or office, RV upholstery also needs to be regularly maintained between professional cleanings. Thorough vacuuming helps keep dust down, and cleaning up spills immediately after they happen are key to maintaining your upholstery and extending its useful life.

But, maintaining RV upholstery can get tricky, and you could end up ruining it instead of cleaning it if you’re not careful. For example, you can’t machine wash or dry clean removable RV cushions or you’ll damage them. Dry cleaning damages the vinyl backing, and machine washing damages the fabric. So, what is the safe way to effectively clean removable RV seat cushions between professional cleanings?

Removable cushion covers should be hand-washed using a gentle cleaning agent, such as Woolite, then hung out to air dry. For non-removable covers, a spray-on upholstery cleaner will generally work. Spray the fabric with the upholstery cleaner. Allow it time to sit and soak into the cusion cover. Vacuum the remnants of the upholstery cleaner and let the cushion cover dry before using.



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